5 WFH Habits You Should Be Building

5 WFH Habits You Should Be Building


1. Establish a Routine


You may not be commuting in the morning anymore but it’s important to do something that wakes you up and gets you energised for the day. Get a cup of coffee, or sweet smelling tea, take up your Bibles and read 1 to 2 chapters, pray with your family, cook with your children or blast some praise music!

2. Have a Dedicated Workspace


Let’s be honest, working from your bedroom all day is very tempting but not entirely practical. We too would love to wear our pyjamas all day but it is important that you have a separate space for working. Mentally, it’s good to have space for work time and others for chill time. Otherwise you may feel that you never get away from work. We don’t want that.

3. Take Breaks

It’s good to stretch your legs, make yourself a cup of tea or check in with a friend over the phone. Set yourself some time in your calendar. Do that now. Set am alarm if need be. Make sure you move away from your work space, those emails and slack messages. Set aside at least 30 minutes to eat some lunch. That’s an important one. Breaking your day like this and moving around will make you more productive. Promise.

4. Protect Your Time

This takes some practice so don’t be too hard on yourself when you trick yourself into working past your ‘log off’ time. It happens to all of us. Working from home makes it harder to ‘leave’ work. The lines can become easily blurred. Make sure you have strict boundaries on work time and communicate them to your colleagues and stick to it.

5. Over Communicate

Sounds easy, right? Don’t be fooled. When in doubt share, share, share. Don’t assume of think your colleagues may know something - ask or let them know. Communication becomes even more important when you work remotely. Also, check-in with your colleagues, ask them how they are - you’ll start to miss those small interaction you had whilst you were in office together. Check in also with your family and friends.


Note: A BIG thank you to our friend, Samuel Z for sharing with us these 5 amazing tips and allowing us to publish them in this space. Let's all work towards building up good & godly habits!


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