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Calligraphy Gift Box

Calligraphy Gift Box

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Petite Frame Calligraphy Style:

En:Courage is a collaboration between The Brave Assembly and HCSA Community Services dedicated to give hope, confidence and support to abused teenage girls and young single mothers.

This campaign aims to raise awareness of what HCSA Community Services is doing for these demographic of women - we are also hoping to shed more light on the kind of struggles these women faced as a call for other women with similar predicament to come out of their dark place and reach out for help that HCSA Community Services can provide them. At the same time, we hope that this initiative can spark off a coming together of woman and girls who would support this meaningful cause and create a safe community for these hurt and broken woman to heal and re-build their lives again.

We are also channeling part of our proceeds from sales and donate them to HCSA Community Services, so that they can continue supporting their beneficiaries!

These En:Courage Gift Boxes will consist of the following:

1. Petite Frame Calligraphy (Custom your message!)*
2. Declaration Pin: BRAVE or COURAGE, DEAR HEART
3. A6 Postcard w/ Envelope: Be Brave, Stay Strong or Courage, Dear Heart

BRAVE Gift Box:

  • Petite Frame Calligraphy
  • (BRAVE) Declaration Pin
  • (Be Brave, Stay Strong) A6 Postcard


  • Petite Frame Calligraphy
  • (COURAGE, DEAR HEART) Declaration Pin
  • (Courage, Dear Heart) A6 Postcard

*For your customised message, we will contact you via e-mail once you have placed your order online.

More information on this collaboration can be found here:

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