From Mess to Message

From Mess to Message

"You write a beautiful story,
You write a beautiful story

From glory to glory I believe,
You write a beautiful story,
You write a beautiful story

Beginning to ending and in between
You work all things together for good
All things together for good.
All things together for good

Like You said You would"

Has your room ever been messy?

Mine has been for the longest time!

Recently, I decided to start packing my room. But as I start to sort my stuff, my room got messier… I found things that were kept and long forgotten.

“How it is that when I’m packing my room, it gets messier?!”

Perhaps the process of cleaning is supposed to be this way - we have to deal with the mess first.

When God deals with our heart, He unearths the “forgotten stuff”. Could it be a God moment you’ve experienced? Could it be that one thing God has revealed to you to surrender but you chose to keep it in a corner to “deal with it later”?

I soon realised that as I was cleaning out my room, God was also cleaning out my heart and mind.

A clean room. A pure heart. These do not happen in an instant.

God takes us through a process of sanctification.

My room gets clean by clearing things one at a time. I am sanctified by His Word as I obey and cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit as He leads me through each season.

It’s funny how my mess became my message 🤣

If you find yourself in any kind of mess, don’t lose heart, don’t give up, stay in God’s story… He is not done yet! And He writes a beautiful one. Let Him transform your mess into a message. Trust in the hand of the Lover of your soul.

Even if my faith fails, God remains faithful, He cannot deny Himself! (2 Tim 2:13).

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

What if we truly believe and live our lives this way - even when life happens in a manner we don’t expect?

At Calvary, the picture of torture and pain is turned into a symbol of love and hope. Likewise, He can (without a doubt) turn any pain or bitterness, hurts or wrongs and make it work for good to those who love Him.

If you find yourself stuck in a mess…

Know that, He is not done yet. Trust that He is working all things together for good…

He can turn your mess into a message.


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2 Timothy 2:13 Bible Scripture

Romans 8:28 Bible Scripture

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