TBA 2.0 - Where faith meets art

TBA 2.0 - Where faith meets art

Hello Everyone!

How do you like our new online store layout? :)

More than just a facelift - we wanted to create a space where we could connect with our community through sharing our thoughts, struggles, successes, study of the Word and our random doodles!

Excited to be sharing FREE phone wallpapers which you could download here every week (we try ok!) to:

• Dress your tech #YAY!
• Print and place them in your own rooms/ offices
• Send it as an encouragement to someone ^^
• Share them on IG (please shoutout so that we can see it too!)


      We are also running a 'P11NS NOVEMBER' online promotion from 1 to 11 November! All our pins are going @ $11 each instead of their usual price of $15 - $18 so this is going to be an amazing deal you would not want to miss ;)

      SHOP OUR PINS HERE: https://www.thebraveassembly.com/collections/pins

      We pray that you will experience a greater measure of God's peace as you surrender your own way of wanting to figure/ fix things and trust Him wholeheartedly with a knowing that He WILL lead and guide you to where you need to be and are meant to be. Amen.

      Have a great start to your November!

      The Brave Assembly
      Jasmine & Yong



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