This is how I fight my battles

This is how I fight my battles

Sharing with you a new song from Elevation Worship that has been on repeat!
This song has been such an encouragement lately.

You can do all things
You can do all things but fail
'Cause You've never lost a battle
No, You've never lost a battle
And I know, I know
You never will

Perhaps it’s an illness, a family dispute, a work situation or negative thoughts that make us feel like we are in battle. At times, the problem/ situation can magnify itself to be "bigger" than God - & our vision of Him is marred by this disillusionment.

Instead, let us fight these battles with praise. Let us magnify God and declare His dominion over our situation. When we start praising God in the midst of battles unseen, He will fight our battles! He never fails!

As we approach our battles with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness for what God has done - we come in contact with all that He is. God is moved by our faith.

Wallpaper #1: For the battle is not yours but God's

Wallpaper #2: May the God of hope fill you with joy & peace

Let's step out on the battlefield with our worship.

Let’s sing our battle cry in praise!

Jasmine & Yong
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