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2nd Chances I Declaration Pin #3: GLITTER LIKE GOLD

2nd Chances I Declaration Pin #3: GLITTER LIKE GOLD

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A collection of our in-house designed goods which have slight imperfections in them but are still wearable! Great discounted price if you don't mind one or two imperfections on them.

Seconds/B-grade pins contain slightly noticeable flaws, flaws may include:
• (Enamel Pins) Chips or shallow cracks, dark specks or dust
 (Enamel Pins) Minor defects to metal plating on the sides and back of the pin
 (Declaration Pins) Noticeable dried glue at the back of the pin
 (Gel Highlighters) Slight crack on box packaging but highlighters are not affected

All of them will come with their regular packaging.

Please note that all of these seconds pins have flaws, some are more noticeable than others and you will receive a randomly selected one from the stock. There are a limited number of seconds pins so it is first come, first serve.

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